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Our Service

Class H Vacuum Extractor

The following services are for domestic clients. Other clients are welcomed and should contact David Balchin Chimney Sweep with their requirements.

In all cases you can expect the following services:

  • On arrival your chimney stack condition and cowl will be checked.
  • An assessment of how best to protect the household from soot will be completed.
  • Any safety issues found will be brought to the customers attention.
  • Your chimney will be swept using the appropriate professional rods and brushes. I carry around 30 different brushes as part of my standard equipment. Your chimney must be swept with only the right size and bristle width or damage is possible.
  • All dust and soot will be extracted using a Class ‘H’ vacuum system into a HEPA filter bag, meaning that your home will not end up filled with soot! (the smell will linger for a short while only)
  • Stove flue pipe joints will be checked and if required resealed as part of the standard service however, If disassembly is required, this will be at extra cost to the client.
  • Where the work includes chimney sweeping, I will issue an Insurance recognised certificate on satisfactory completion.
  • Additional labour charge maybe applied at the discretion of David Balchin Chimney Sweep if required to remove blockages or complete repairs.
  • If a boiler is fitted to your appliance, David Balchin Chimney Sweep will scrub the soot build-up to increase efficiency as part of the standard sweep service.
  • Stoves will be checked for damper and door function, parts requiring lubrication or adjustment will be serviced and door glass cleaned as standard.
  • Draft / Draw testing may be done on completion to all appliances which require it. This is usually achieved by using a special smoke test cartridge, however other methods maybe employed should the client require it. Type 1 integrity testing maybe required but this will be at extra cost.

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Disclaimer: While great care is taken to prevent damage to your property, David Balchin cannot be held responsible for badly maintained pots, cowls, chimney stacks or any other part of your chimney that may be loose or in poor condition. Material information should always be disclosed, i.e. chimney fires, fuels used, dates (if known). If you have any concerns please talk to David Balchin who will always try to offer sound, unbiased advice. David Balchin can only use his knowledge during sweeping to advise on the condition of your chimney or appliance. He will not be able to investigate inaccessible/concealed areas. This requires a more thorough chimney camera inspection. Therefore any verbal or written comments by David Balchin must not be solely relied upon in any way, this means you should also seek the advice of a qualified installer before deciding on a course of action. Chimneys are affected by the way they are used, the weather and many other conditions, which may not be known to David Balchin. Please be aware that older chimney linings may continue to drop material no matter how often they are swept and that tarry chimneys pose a fire risk and may require chemical intervention. Please check that your stainless steel liner manufacturer approves the use of chemicals before using them. Some forms of soot may require a more aggressive type of cleaning, which may not be suitable for your chimney system. Should you have any cause for complaint, you should always contact David Balchin who will always try to resolve any issue. You understand all the above and give consent for David Balchin to retain your details for the purposes of insurance. If you need proof of the work done by David Balchin within 24 months, a copy of your certificate can be made available to you. Details will be kept secure and not given to third parties without your consent. You can contact David Balchin at any time to have your details erased.