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Our Rates

Range Cooker Sweep

These rates and services do not include replacement of parts such as fire bricks, rope and gaskets. These will be supplied and fitted at extra cost.

Payment is due on the day by Cash or Bank Transfer

Discounts available for multiple chimney sweeps when booked for the same property at the same time between February and July!

Flue Lined Wood Burning & Multi Fuel Stoves as well as Unlined, Small Open Fires that require standard sweeping but are not blocked or requiring tar removal:

  • £50.00 Bungalows
  • £55.00 Standard Houses (2 storeys/floors)
  • £60.00 3 storey/floor buildings

Unlined Wood burning & Multi fuel stoves with register plates & soot doors:

  • £65.00

Large Open fires, Inglenooks & smaller Rayburn style range cookers:

  • £55.00

Larger Range Cookers such as Esse (both solid fuel as well as Oil or Gas fired):

  • £65.00

Other Services:

Birds Nest Removal Service and Restoration sweeps where a chimney has not been in regular use:

  • Cost of standard sweep plus £35:00 per hour*

*Where bird’s nests have to be removed during the breeding season, you must also employ the services of a pest control officer. This may only be done if the chimney is connected to the only possible source of hot water or heating available to you. In all other cases, birds such as Jackdaws are protected during the breeding season. Nests can be removed thereafter.

Chimney Camera Inspections:

  • Look, see and show £65.00
  • Recorded £150.00

Tar Removal Services:

Professional chemical cleaning for live flues only. Requires 2 heavy chimney sweeps (one before and one after 3 to 4 weeks of very hot use)

  • £275.00 for Lined/Small Flues (price includes 2 heavy chimney sweeps)
  • £445.00 for Larger and Unlined Flues (price includes 2 heavy chimney sweeps and Coring Iron work)

Emergency Call Out Charge:

  • add £25.00

Other Stove Repairs:

For Stove repairs such as sealing rope, door glass and other repairs please ask.

Providing a Copy of a Misplaced Chimney Sweeping Certificate:

  • £5.00

Late Cancellations:

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice, or instances of being unable to gain access to a property on arrival may incur a fee of £20.00, except in exceptional circumstances..

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